Convict Salesianum since 1906

In 1906, only twenty years after the foundation of the University of Fribourg, the cornerstone of the Convict Salesianum was laid. The first construction phase started as a reaction to a great need: The number of Theology students increased steadily and those theologians and future priests had to have an accommodation.

The Salesianum was opened on 22 October 1907. The premises at that time consisted of the main building only, without the present-day refectory and chapel. The second construction phase ended on 15 November 1931 with the formal opening of the chapel.

After WW II, the amount of theologians and priests at the Salesianum decreased, which led to the point that in 1947, students of other departments were accommodated, too.

The concern of being a “convict” (“convivere”= to live together) is still lived up to. The sense of community is cultivated by common meals, the liturgyfestivities and cultural events.

On 28 April 2007, the 100 year anniversary of the Salesianum was celebrated. For that occasion, the book “Leben im Haus der Kirche, zum 100-jährigen Bestehen des Salesianums” was published by Paulus . Thomas Ruckstuhl and Hildegard Aepli are the editors.

In spring 2009, the Salesianum started being renovated. Within four months only, all bedrooms, common rooms, kitchens and the whole building technology were renewed. In order to pay those construction works, some of the land behind the house was sold. We also relied on donations that we received through the fund-raising campaign “Zukunft Salesianum” and we still are very grateful for any further contributions.

Much might have changed in the 100 years that the Salesianum has existed – but some thingshave remained: the house still belongs to the Swiss Conference of Catholic Bishops and is run ….Chemin Neuf

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